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L.I. & Resources




L.I.: To understand key features of a mountain.


[Paper, PowerPoint, video]

First, write down as many famous mountains as you remember on a sheet of paper/book.


After, work through the PowerPoint and watch the video. We have included a song so you can have a sing-along if you like whilst seeing what the Alps look like.





L.I.: To understand the main steps of the water cycle.


[Paper, PowerPoint, video, worksheet]

First, write down what the water cycle is and if you know any of the key words. Don’t panic if you don’t know as this is what we will be finding out this lesson!


After, work through the PowerPoint and watch the video. We have included a rap that you can learn to memorise the water cycle key words and stages.


After the PowerPoint and video, fill in the worksheet.



L.I.: To write a leaflet for a holiday in the mountains – using persuasive language.


[Writing draft on paper/books]

First, write down as many adjectives to describe Mountains as you can possibly think of.


After, work through the PowerPoint.


Once you have gone through that, write up your leaflet using the leaflet template that we have given you to help – or if you’re feeling brave design your own!



L.I.: To solve word problems.


[PowerPoint, worksheet]

In this lesson, we are going to be working on Maths worded problems all about mountains.


In the PowerPoint, go through the 3 example word problems, checking them with the answers on the next slide after you complete each one. If you’re unsure, work through them step-by-step using the answers slide to help you. After this, complete the worksheet and ask a friend in class or family member to mark it for you.





L.I.: To design an animal that could survive on a mountain.


[Paper & PowerPoint]

It’s the last day of the week! For this lesson, we will be looking at mountain animals and the features they have to ensure they can live in mountainous habitats.


When you have finished going through the PowerPoint, use a piece of paper to design your own unique mountain animal!