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Monday (Topic)

In the Stone Age, people would use stone tools to scrape the dirt off of animal's skin and use it to make clothes. Early needles were made from animal bones and grass and plant steam were used to weave clothes together. Research images of what these clothes looked like. Using the template provided design your own Stone Age outfit and write a short description. 



Tuesday (Topic - Careers)

What is a career? Write down as many careers as you can think of and have a think about what you want to be when you are older. 

Draw a picture of what you want for future career to be and complete the following sentence: "When I grow up I want to be a ____ because ______".


Wednesday (Topic - Careers)

Today we are going to be thinking about what skills are needed for your chosen future career. Using the job application template (there are a choice of three templates) fill in each section describing why you would be fantastic at your chosen career.


Thursday (Science)

What do you already know about the life cycle of a plant?

Watch the following video: 

Work your way through the lifecycle of a plant PowerPoint and make a note of each stage in the life cycle. Complete the plant life-cycle worksheet filling in the missing gaps. 


Friday (RE - Christianity)

What do you already know about Lent?

Work your way through the Lent PowerPoint and think about the following questions: Why do you think Jesus went to the desert for 40 days? Was it a challenge? How was Jesus put to the test?

Write down 10 things that you would find hard to give up and choose the hardest one.

Write a sentence explaining why do you think many Christians challenge themselves to give something up during Lent?