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Welcome back Year 6! 

Our Topic this half term is called "Revolution" and is all about The Victorians!

This week, you will have two History tasks and one Art task.



1. For your first History task on our new topic, download and complete the KWL Grid below!

This will enable you to think about what you already know about The Victorians and what you would like to find out this half term!


2. For your second History task, you are going to make a Victorian timeline!

The following events below have been listed out of order.

Research each event online to find out when it happened and then create a timeline to show the real order of events! You can use the timeline template provided, or create your own!


  • Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert
  • Houses of Parliament built
  • First photograph taken with a person in the image
  • The Great Exhibition Opens
  • Queen Victoria is born
  • Free education for all children
  • Prince Albert dies


Can you find any other key events that happened in the Victorian era to add to your timeline?


For your Art task this week, have a look at the famous painting below by Sir David Wilkie.

It is called "The First Council Of Queen Victoria." It depicts the first meeting Victoria held with the government when she became Queen at just age 18!

What do you think the picture shows?

What does it tell us about politics and power at the start of Victoria’s reign?


Sketch your own version of this meeting - What colours will you use? How will you draw Queen Victoria? How will you show her age? How will you show that this is her first council since becoming Queen of England? 


Topic Homework

For your Topic Homework this half term (extra activities!), choose 4 boxes from the sheet below to complete.

Don't forget to send evidence of your work to your teacher! laugh