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This half terms topic is Superheroes so we are going to be exploring the world of real life superheroes as well as popular well known superheroes. 

Topic 1

This lesson is all about exploring the superhero pose. Look at some of the pictures provided and see if you can imitate those poses.

Once you have chosen your favourite pose take a picture. 

You can now either upload your photo to paint and then give yourself a superhero makeover by designing your own superhero costume or alternatively you could print a picture of yourself out and either draw/ cut/ stick a costume on yourself.

Once you have your costume sorted you can come up with your very own superhero name- you could even use existing superheroes to inspire you.

Don't forget to upload the photos of your finished superhero costume and pose to dojo. We would love to see them!

Topic 2

This topic lesson is all about the sound effects you might hear during a superhero action sequence. Watch the action sequence from the Incredibles movie and listen out for sound effects you could use in your own superhero action sequence sound effects. You might want to use any percussion instruments you have or you could make some or alternatively you could use your voice to create these effects.

Once you have a rhythm for your sound effects you could create your own dance/ simple movements to go with your effects. Once you have created your sound effects and movements send a video to dojo or pop it in your portfolio.

The Incredibles - Final Fight Scene

Final robot fight scene from Disney's The Incredibles (2004)


This weeks science lesson is focussing on healthy and unhealthy foods. 

What are healthy foods?

How do we know when foods are healthy?

What do healthy foods do to our body?

Could we live without healthy food? Why/ why not?

Have a look at the food picture cards and decide which foods you think are healthy and why. Something to consider might be whether foods can be both healthy and unhealthy at the same time and how much of those foods we should be eating.

You could even sample some foods which are considered really healthy- these include: mint, orange, lemon, banana, pepper, pineapple and ginger. If you get a chance to try these foods then maybe you could tell an adult what they taste like and come up with some really good adjectives to describe them.


Your activity for this lesson is to create a table of healthy, unhealthy and Okay in moderation foods. Draw and label which foods you think go in each column and then explain why you have put those foods in those columns.


This half term we are going to be studying Islam and more specifically exploring Milad un Nabi which is an Islamic celebration.

Why do we celebrate birthdays?

How do we celebrate birthdays?

What could we do to help someone feel special on their birthday?

Discuss with the children about their last birthday and what they did to celebrate it- then tell the children that this half term we are going to be learning about a person who is special to Muslims called Muhammad whose birthday is celebrated during a festival called Milad un Nabi.



Design a birthday card for Muhammad- what would you like to be on your birthday card?


In RSE this half term we are going to be looking at how to keep ourselves healthy. For this weeks lesson look through the power point and think about all the different ways you can stay healthy. Then design a poster of all the things you can do to keep yourself healthy.