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Topic – Week beginning 22nd February 2021

This week we will be starting our new topic focus of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets and linking it to the English work on Rapunzel.

As in previous weeks, the lessons will be added as subjects rather than days so pick and choose what you fancy doing each day. Enjoy!

Useful information about towers to help with your understanding.

The World Federation of Great Towers – This website provides facts and statistics about the world’s greatest towers.

Skyscraper Basics – Useful information about skyscraper design and construction. This is interactive and allows you to make decisions about building towers.

Geography - Look at pictures and photographs of great towers from around the world. Match the tower to its location using world maps and globes.

Use the images of world-famous towers provided and your challenge is to locate the towers on a map or globe. Can you research them and find out 1 fact about each one.

Towers around the world

Design and Technology - Build stacks and towers using natural materials found in your garden or when you are out on your daily exercise walk. Use stones, sticks, logs and earth to build as tall a tower as possible! Name and take photos of your tower and add to Dojo. How tall can you make your tower? What is the best building material that you find and why?

Design and TechnologyBuild a new tower for Rapunzel using a variety of construction materials. Explore different ways to make the tower secure, using bases of different sizes and shapes and various ways of joining the pieces together. How tall can you make your tower? Would Rapunzel be safe in it?

You can use whatever you have at home, it could be recycled boxes and bottles or lego or bricks, K’nex, blocks, Mobilo or anything else you have at home. Make sure you take a picture to load onto Dojo with you or something next to it so we can see how tall it is.

Science/TechnologyStack sugar cubes to make towers. Using standard units measure and record the height of each to discover who can build the highest tower in your family. Then try to build a taller tower using a different approach, such as starting with a wider base (again measure and record the height using standard measures). Answer mathematical problems based on their measurements, such as finding out the difference between the two towers, how many centimetres their two towers measure altogether and who made the tallest tower in your family

You could read and interpret data on the height of real world towers, making comparisons, finding differences and ordering from tallest to shortest. Data for this activity is readily available online. To make sugar cube towers last longer, use royal icing to glue the cubes together! If you can’t get sugar cubes how about trying chocolate chunks as bricks???

 Geography - Take a walk around your local area to locate any high points, including towers, chimneys and other tall structures. Make a simple sketch map or plan about what you have seen and where you have seen it. If the Enchantress lived in our community, where would she have kept Rapunzel? Where would be a good place around our town to hide Rapunzel?

 Remember to use a simple key to identify things on your maps and plans such as chimneys, towers, trees, churches, houses, shops and footpaths.

Challenge - Play a tumbling tower game such as Jenga, with your family. What are the best ways of keeping the tower upright? See if you can take some action shots or videos of the tower falling! How tall can you build it without it falling down? Are there different ways of building it or different shapes?

Also remember to check out the PE lessons sent through on the website and Dojo from the PE coaches.


Don’t forget to send your work into school through Dojo or the Year 2 email -