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This half term our topic is Tribal Tales and we will be learning all about the Stone Age!


Monday (Topic)

Stone Age life is defined by the use of stone for making tools and weapons and the transition from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle to farming. 

Work your way through the Stone Age PowerPoint to give you an insight into the everyday lives of people from this historical period. Make notes on any information learnt along the way!


Watch the following video and make notes:


Create a mind map of information about the Stone Age. Have a think about what did they wear? Where did they live? etc.


Tuesday (Topic)

Recap knowledge learnt yesterday about the Stone Age.

Today we are going to be placing events into time order, starting with the Stone Age and ending with the Iron Age.

Iron Age life is defined by the use of metals, including iron, to make stronger, more effective tools and weapons and decorative objects.

Using the timeline cards, place the events in time order - remember to look at the dates on the event cards to help you!


Wednesday (R.E)

This half term we are going to be looking at Christianity.

Work your way through the Ash Wednesday PowerPoint and then have a read through the Ash Wednesday information sheet. Answer the given questions based on what you have learnt from the PowerPoint and information sheet.


Thursday (Topic)

Complete the Stone Age word search and research any unknown words.


Friday (Topic)

Work your way through the Stone Age Houses to Iron Age Houses PowerPoint. Using this information, write a summary/ draw pictures of the differences from houses in the Stone Age to houses in the Iron Age.