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This week, we're going to be having a look at careers and some of the jobs you may be able to have when you're older. Don't forget that Thursday is World Book Day so why not still dress up as your favourite book character from home?

Please send in any photos from home to your teacher on dojo.


Lesson 1:

LI: To explore my ideal job.

Use this PowerPoint which asks if you have a variety of skills and qualities to uncover if a job might be right for you. This might be fun to play with other members of your household.


Think about any jobs that you have thought about doing or any jobs your grown-ups have and what skills you would need to be able to do this job.

Research qualifications/skills/experience you may need to make this job reality. Below is a PowerPoint with some ideas of jobs on.


Complete the following worksheet using the information you have thought about and researched. 

Lesson 2:

LI: To explore skills and attributes of different jobs. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of jobs out there. As we already know, different people dream of having different jobs and each job requires different skills and personal qualities.

Today, some people have very kindly filmed some videos explaining what skills and personal qualities they need for their job; the task you have been given is to guess what they might do. You can find the videos by following the links below.

Job 1

Job 2

Job 3

Job 4

Job 5

Job 6

Job 7

Job 8

Job 9

Job 10

Job 11

Job 12

Click below to find out the answers...


Lesson 3:

LI: To explore my personal qualities and skills.

Work through the personal qualities and skills PowerPoint below. Discuss what qualities and skills you think you may have then complete the sheet below.



Lesson 4 (World Book Day):

L.I. To read for pleasure.

What is World Book Day? Why do you think it is important for schools to celebrate this day? Why do you think it is important for schools to promote a love of reading? What other skills would it develop? 


Are you ready for... The Masked Reader?

Watch these videos of some members of staff reading a some of their favourite story in disguise and see if you can guess who it is.

Masked Reader 1

Masked Reader 2

Masked Reader 3

Masked Reader 4

Now it's your turn...

Dress up or be in disguise and video yourself (with a grown-up helping you) reading some of your favourite story, give us a few clues then send the video to your teacher. Once we have the video, we can share it on class dojo to see if other children can guess who you are!


If you have dressed up today, think about the character you have chosen today. Why did you decide to pick that character? Are there any similarities or differences between you and your character? What is the book like? Why would you recommend it? Why were you drawn to that character?


Could you write a review of your favourite book?


Take some time today to read one of your favourite books.

Lesson 5:

L.I.To create applications for their ideal job.

Have a think about what different skills and qualities are needed for different jobs. When you would like to get a job, you have to apply for it and really show off to the person hiring you why you think you should get the job. This is called a job application and is the first stage to getting a job. Think about your ideal job, what do you think the application would look like? Have a go at filling one in or creating one. There is also a CV template below. A CV is a piece of paper you use to show off and give out when you'd like a job.