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Lesson 1/2: Art

LI: To create a portrait in the style of Andy Warhol. 

Take a look at the PowerPoint to learn about Andy Warhol and his style.

You're going to be creating your own piece of art work in the style of Andy Warhol. To do this, take a selfie or have someone in your household take a photo of your head and shoulders. If you can print it out, stick the picture in the top left corner and replicate it to make 3 more on A4. If you can't print, have your device on the piece of paper or have a go at drawing your selfie.

Colour in and shade the images differently from each other to create an abstract piece of art.  


You can use felt tips, colouring pencils, paints. 


Lesson 3: Science (Video Lesson)

LI: To identify and present in an appropriate way, the key stages in human growth and development from birth to old age. 

What key things have happened in your life so far? What milestones have you done so far? (e.g. being born, learning to walk, talk, starting school etc) 

Have a look through Miss Dugdale's timeline, can you spot her milestones?


Think about some important dates for you, for example starting at Bournemouth Park Academy, having a sibling etc. and have a go at creating your own timeline.


Don't forget to share what you've created with your class teacher.

Lesson 4: Geography

LI: To explain how things change by referring to the physical and human features of the landscape. 

What changes have you noticed in Southend since you’ve been born? New buildings? New roads? New airport expansion? Are these changes positive or negative? Why do you think this?

Have a look at Jeannie Baker's book 'The Window'  What do you notice?


Write a paragraph of the changes that have happened in their local community and explain where they would like to live in their future and why.


Lesson 5: PSHE

LI: To identify achievements and set personal goals.

What have we learned about ourselves so far this year? Anti-bullying week? Relationship workshop? Acheivements? Academic progress?  

What would you still like to improve on by the end of the year? 

Write a letter to yourself for the end of Year 5. List what they want to achieve personally and academically by the end of the year. Keep this somewhere safe so you can then read it back to yourself at the end of Year 5. 

Use the modelled example to help you with the structure and if you are really struggling then use the cloze procedure to fill in the gaps.