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Topic – Week beginning 7th February 2021 – Music focus

This week we will be continuing our topic focus of Beat, Band, Boogie and linking it to the English work on The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

As in previous weeks, the lessons will be added as subjects rather than days so pick and choose what you fancy doing each day. Enjoy!


Remember next week is Half term so you may like to save some of the activities to do the following week if you don't fit them all in this week.

Geography - Design a map to get through the town.

Help the Pied Piper to find his way by drawing him a clear route through your own imaginary town. Make sure your map includes pictures of the houses and buildings he has to pass. Maybe include a wood or forest, a school, a playground or a pond. Have a clear path that goes through including a starting place and ending spot. See below for some ideas.

Design and Technology - Make masks or stick puppets of the characters from the story and then use them to retell the story to someone you live with.

Stick puppets - Draw the whole characters, colour them in, cut them out and stick to lolly sticks or straws.

Face masks – just draw the characters faces, colour and cut them out, remembering to cut out their eyes. Add string or ribbon around the back to become facemasks.

There are some examples you can print and cut out BUT it would be great to just use these as ideas and make your own!!

Design and Technology – Design a board game for the Pied Piper to get through the town. Use the template provided if you can print, if not design your own track game using the picture as a guide. Once you have drawn the track (or printed the one provided) then add in some challenges or obstacles that he may land on. Maybe “oh no the children have heard you, go back 3 spaces” or “watch out for the puddles, jump ahead 2 spaces to avoid them” or whatever wonderful ideas you can think of.

Science/Technology – Baking!!

Can you follow the biscuit recipe to make your own Rat biscuits? Use raisins for the face and strawberry laces for the tails, or whatever you have at home. Don’t forget to send a picture into Dojo before you gobble them all up though!!

Also remember to check out the PE lessons sent through on the website and Dojo from the PE coaches.


Don’t forget to send your work into school through Dojo or the Year 2 email -