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Topic – Week beginning 1st February 2021 – Music focus

This week we will be continuing our topic focus of Beat, Band, Boogie

As last week, the lessons will be added as subjects rather than days so pick and choose what you fancy doing each day. Enjoy!

This week you are going to be making a range of instruments to go with your guitar and balloon drum so by the end of the week you will have enough instruments to make a band/orchestra.

Design and Technology – To design and make your own shaker.  

See the instructions below on how to make a bottle shaker. If you do not have a bottle, this can be done with a yoghurt pot and a piece of paper taped around the top. Think about how you will decorate your shaker using anything you can find – this could be any arts and crafts bits you have, screwed up bits of tin foil will make great shiny decorations, you could even collect leaves or bits from the garden to decorate your shaker. Once it is made have fun exploring which sounds you can make with it.

How to make a Shaker

Design and Technology – To design and make your own castanets.  

See the instructions below on how to make these. Again if you don’t have  paper plate don’t worry you can use card from an old box (like a cereal box or pizza box) and cut a circle out by drawing around a plate. Your castanets can be decorated with pencils or felt tips instead of paint if you like. Just use what you have at home. Once it is made explore which sounds you can make. Can you use it to play your favourite nursery rhyme?

How to make Castanets

Challenge – Can you make any other instruments with things you find around your house?

Ideas for homemade instruments

Music – Practise singing lots of nursery rhymes. See the sheet attached to remind you of some of the most common ones and their words. Can you use your instruments to play the beat as you sing the rhymes or play the rhythm?

Challenge – Play a guessing game where you play the rhythm of a Nursery rhyme and someone in your family has to guess the song.

Also remember to check out the PE lessons sent through on the website and Dojo from the PE coaches.


Don’t forget to send your work into school through Dojo or the Year 2 email -