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Monday (Topic)

Research any metal of your choice and make a note of its properties, uses and any fun facts.

Using your information gathered, create a fact-file for your chosen metal.

Examples of metals you may choose to research: Iron, Aluminium, Gold, Copper and Silver.


Tuesday (Topic)

Work your way through the "Investigating Paper Helicopters" PowerPoint and complete each suggested step.

Cut our your paper helicopter using the template provided and see how long it takes to fall to the ground. How can you change your helicopter to make it fall more quickly or slowly? Could you cut the ends off? Does adding a paper clip make a difference?

Write a paragraph summarising your findings of the experiment? What did you adapt and what difference did it make when dropping your helicopter? 


Wednesday (PSHE)

Work your way through "Feelings" PowerPoint and complete the activities on each slide.

Have a think about what are our main feelings and emotions called? How can we tell how someone else is feeling?

Complete the facial expressions worksheet by creating a list of the feelings and emotions that you know and drawing the matching facial expression.


Thursday (Topic)

Today we are going to be creating a poster advertising the Iron Man. 

Have a think about what you already know about the Iron Man. What exciting adjectives could you use to describe him? What skills and talents does he have? 

Complete the Iron Man Advertisement worksheet.


Friday (Topic)

Read through the letter from Hogarth asking you to design a companion for the Iron Man. 

Brainstorm some ideas of what your character could be made of. What can they do/ do they have any special powers? Why would they be a good companion for the Iron Man? 

Design your character for the Iron Man and write down the specific materials used and a couple of sentences describing your character and why they would be a good friend for the Iron Man.