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Lesson 1

LI: To design a space ship. 

This week, we are going to be making our own spaceships/ rockets using recycled materials (boxes, bottles, bottle caps etc).

Let's take a look at some space ships.

Have a think about what is contained within a space shuttle. What makes it safe for the astronauts? What is inside for the astronauts? Think about how long some of the journeys are. 


Now it's time for you to design your own space shuttle. Remember that you're going to be making this so think about the materials you could use or design what you can with the materials you have available at home.

Lesson 2:

LI: To make and create a space ship. 

Take your design out and gather your materials that you are going to be using for your rocket. Look through the junk modelling resources and ask children if they can see what things we could use for which parts e.g tissue box for the main part and toilet roll tubes for the wings. Think about how you're going to stick these materials together- are you going to use glue, cellotape, masking tape etc? You may need to cut the end of the toilet roll into a fan to make it stick easier. 


Get Creating! 

Have a go at creating your rocket/ space shuttle. Please send us photos of these as we'd love to see and I'm sure other children would too.






Lesson 3:

LI: To consolidate knowledge of space. 

Now is the time for you to show off everything you have learnt during our topic of 'stargazers'. You can present this to us however you wish, for example: a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, a video etc.


Let's remind ourselves about some of our lessons:

-Tim Peeke

-The solar system


-Sir Isaac Newton

-Life Cycle of a star

-The moon

-Zoom lesson with an astronomer

-How moons orbit planets

-How craters are formed


We really look forward to seeing everything you have learnt!

Lesson 4:

LI: To use information about life on Earth to design a planet. 

Think about all the information you already know about Earth. What makes it so habitable? 

Think about what we need as humans to survive.


Use the sheet below to help you  design your own planet. Think about what needs to be on your planet for life etc.

If it isn’t similar to Earth, what safety precautions do the astronauts need?


Once you have designed your planet, you can create it using paint, baking (e.g. decorating biscuits/cupcakes), using playdough etc.


We'd love to see what you've created so please send in photos.

Lesson 5

LI: To create a piece of art based on an inspirational person. (Video Lesson)

We are going to be learning about Sir Captain Tom Moore. Watch the video to help you with this.

We are then going to ask you to create some art work to represent this inspirational person. (See video for examples).