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Lesson 1: RE

L.I. To understand Eid al-FitrTo understand Eid al-Fitr

Use a variety of resources to find out about Eid al-Fitr celebrations (which happen at the end of Ramadan). Areas to research include: special foods, worship, gifts, decorations, community celebrations in the UK, celebrations around the world and family time.


Once you have researched and you are confident you have enough information, complete one of the following tasks:

  • Write an invitation for an Eid party
  • Design a menu
  • Design an outfit
  • Plan decorations and make a model
  • Write a list of gifts you might give your family

Lesson 2: Science (Tuesday's Zoom Lesson)

L.I. To describe what makes our planet habitable.

Discuss the BIG QUESTION: Why is there life on Earth?

What must be present for life to exist?


Identify the characteristics of our planet that support life and consider whether there are any threats to those features. Present their ideas in a class or group discussion.

Which planet is the least habitable in our solar system? Why?

Which planet is more habitable than the rest, excluding Earth? Why?

Do you think there could be life on another planet in the whole ? Why?


Lesson 3: Zoom Call with an Astronomer (Wednesday, 3rd February: 2:30-3:15)

Today, you are going to have the amazing opportunity to have a talk from an astronomer and then have a chance to ask some of your fascinating questions. If there are any questions you are burning to ask, jot them down so you can ask. 


Please note that this is your additional zoom call for today and is at the different time of 2:30 today, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Lesson 4: Art & Design

L.I. To use simple rules of perspective in drawings of figures and buildings.

What might an alien from another planet look like? What features might it have and why? Imagine and design an alien life form, looking at some classic and contemporary designs from books, cartoons, games and films.

Use a variety of materials to make a large-scale drawing, painting or model of their design using the most appropriate and effective techniques and materials.


Lesson 5: Music

Feel Good Friday!

We are a little behind with these so watch this clip from a couple of week's ago: