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Here is our new topic 'Who lives in a rock pool?'

Memorable experience


Travel to the coast to explore the unique and fascinating world of the British seashore. Encourage the children to explore rock pools and collect ‘treasures’ from the shore using tools such as nets, scoops, tweezers and buckets. Provide ‘Seashore spotting sheets’ for children to record their observations and findings. Highlight the importance of being safe at the seashore, giving clear instructions and rules for children to follow. 


Things the children could do

  • Collect seashore ‘treasures’.
  • Count and sort what they find.
  • Investigate a rock pool.
  • Build sandcastles and stone stacks with pebbles and other found materials.
  • Make marks, letters and patterns in the sand.
  • Observe the effects of human activity on the environment. For example, littering or building along the coastline.



You will need

  • bags for collecting
  • buckets and spades
  • nets
  • simple scientific keys or books to help children identify living things
  • spare clothing
  • towels and wipes
  • clipboards and writing/drawing materials
  • digital cameras


Questions to ask the children

  • Which animals live on the seashore?
  • What plants live on the seashore?
  • How does sand feel between your toes?
  • What is seaweed?
  • How do you think rock pools are made?
  • Who lives in a rock pool?

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