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Monday: Make a Moon Buggy - Topic Lesson 1

Today you are going to be identifying the key features of a Moon Buggy, designing and making your own.  Please work through the PowerPoint below and use the design sheet to plan your model.  You will need junk modelling materials so if you need to do this lesson later in the week, just swap it with another one below.


Moon Rover animation

Copy of the video included in the PowerPoint in case that link doesn't work.

Please send all completed work and pictures of models to Dojo portfolios.

Tuesday: Balloon Rocket - Science Lesson

This lesson will be pre-recorded so please see our videos for this lesson.  Taught by Miss Mortimer.

There are two options for this lesson.  You can either do the experiment yourself OR watch a video of the experiment and write about it.


If you want to do the experiment yourself, you will need:

  • A few balloons of different shapes.
  • A long piece of string (tied to two chairs).
  • Pieces of tape.
  • A straw.


Look at the balloons and predict which one you think will be the one that travels the furthest.  Write this down and explain why you chose that balloon.


Parents - there is a video below that you can watch, if you need guidance as to how to set up the experiment.


Next, put the string through the straw and tied the ends of the string around two chairs at the same height.  You need to make sure the string is taught and not sagging in the middle.


After, add some tape to the straw, with the sticky side facing down.  Do not stick all the way round because you are going to be using the tape to stick to the balloon.


Then, blow up the balloons (one at a time).  Do not tie the ends!  Instead, hold onto the balloon and attach the body of the balloon to the tape.


Finally, let the balloon go along by releasing the neck and watch it propel along the string.  Record how far it travelled - maybe use a toy to mark it on the floor.


Repeat the steps until you've tried all the balloons.


Can you write which balloon went the furthest?  Why do you think that balloon did?  Did you make it a fair test?  Which balloon wen the shortest distance?  Why do you think that balloon did?  Did you have equal amount of air in each (same amount of breaths to blow it up)?


If you took photos or videos of your experiment, send them through on dojo; along with the prediction, recordings and conclusion.


Send your writing into your teacher via Class Dojo.

Wednesday: Space Toys - Topic Lesson 2

Have a look at the pictures of all different space toys below.


  • What can each toy do?
  • How would you play with it?
  • Is there a way of making a toy more fun?

Choose two or three pictures to write about.  Can you draw a picture of the toy (or take a photo of your own space related toy) and write sentences in the speech bubble (see sheet below), answering the questions above.

As no photos were submitted, here is a video of the gift shop at the Nasa Space Centre. Look through the video to find the toys you wish to write about.
You don't have to watch the entire video!

Thursday: RE Lesson

Today, we are going to discuss the importance of families and identify the similarities and differences between families within different cultures. 


To start with, on the worksheet attached directly below, draw a picture of your family.  Don't forget to label who is who!

Once you have drawn your family, read the book pages below and think about whether there are any similarities and differences between your family and Amar's Sikh family.

Your task now is to write one similarity and one difference between your family and Amar's family on the lines underneath your picture.

Finally, remember that ALL FAMILIES ARE SPECIAL!

Friday: RSE Lesson

This lesson will be pre-recorded so please see our videos for this lesson.  Taught by Miss Mortimer.

This week, we are going to be trying something that maybe challenging but I want you to work through the challenge to see what you can achieve.  While completing this activity, you need to think about how you are feeling at the moment.


Before you start, you are going to need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Garden sticks
  • Pens/pencils/crafting materials
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Watch the video below and complete the activity asked of you.