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This week we will be continuing our topic focus of Beat, Band, Boogie

There are no specific days to the work this week so pick and choose which one you would like to do when throughout the week.



Investigate how the level of water in glass bottle or jar affects the sounds made when either tapping the glass with a pencil gently, blowing across the top of it or running a wet finger around the top of it. Explore how much water is needed to make the sound high pitched or low pitched. Record your results in your own way either by writing it down in sentences or drawing and labelling a picture of the glasses

Play the pitch game attached to this clip as well to improve your understanding.

Challenge – Can you make a glass bottle orchestra by playing many glasses all with different amounts of water in them? BE CAREFUL and VERY GENTLE THOUGH!!



Use your voice to make a variety of sounds at different pitches. Practise humming, yodelling and chanting. Make your sounds louder and quieter, faster and slower, higher and lower, longer and shorter.

Research how different performers use their voices to make different sounds. Use Google to research some of the different sounds. Try listening to an opera singer, a yodeller, an acapella group, Inuit throat singers, the haunting chanting of the Native Americans or a jazzy scat crooning.

Design and Technology


Make your own rubber band guitar. Use an old box (this can be any box from your recycling) cut a hole in the middle (you may need to ask a grown up to help with this bit). Finally stretch rubber bands of different thicknesses across it. Pluck the bands to make a noise. Explore whether the bands make a different sound depending on their thickness. Maybe explore using different types of boxes or a yoghurt pot. Do the sounds change?

Challenge – use your guitar to make up your own songs or play along with your favourite songs and rhymes.

Don’t forget to send any videos of your music to the Year 2 email and put your pictures and work onto Dojo.

Also you can complete some PE by following our coaches lessons that they add to the website. Joe Wicks is also doing PE lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you fancy doing these.