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Monday (Art)

Research images of the Iron Man. What does he look like? 

Sketch a close up image of the Iron Man's face, paying close attention to detail. Remember that when we are sketching it means that we push lightly with our pencil and create small strokes and lines.


Tuesday (RE)

Recap prior knowledge on Islam - can you remember what the five pillars of Islam represent?

Work your way through the "Five Pillars of Islam" PowerPoint. Using the five pillars template, label each pillar with things that you believe make a good life. Ideas may include being kind, doing the right thing, friendships, places of worship etc.


Wednesday (Science)

Complete the Forces word search. Research any unknown words and write their definitions.


Thursday (PSHE)

Have a think about anything that you are proud of/ good about yourselves.

Work your way through the "Be Yourself" PowerPoint, identifying the definitions of being proud and starting to be aware of the differences between being proud and showing off.

Using the certificate template, write a certificate to yourselves about an achievement that you are proud of e.g. any hobbies you enjoy being a good friend, a good listener, working hard etc. (you are welcome to write more than one certificate!) 


Friday (Science)

Recap your prior knowledge on push and pull forces.

Fill out the "Pushes and Pulls" worksheet, drawing examples of pushes and pulls in action.