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Here is our new Spring 1 topic

Memorable experience

Collect a good range of dressing up clothes, including wigs, glasses, hats and coats. The funnier, the better! Begin by allowing the children to explore their reflections using handheld mirrors and to talk to partners about how their faces are the same or different. Children can take it in turns to dress up and take part in a ‘reveal’ using a full-length mirror. Ask questions such as ‘How has your reflection changed?’ If possible, provide distortion mirrors (funhouse style) and flexible mirrors for extra fun! Allow the children to dress you up too! Take photos of each child before and after their transformation. As an alternative, take the children on a ‘reflection hunt’, looking for reflective surfaces in and out of school. A video ‘What is a reflection?’ is available on The Hub to support this activity.

Things the children could do

  • Enjoy looking at their reflection.
  • Describe what a reflection is.
  • Take photographs using a digital camera.
  • Use words like mirror, reflection, the same, different, smooth, cold, shiny and reflective.
  • Experiment with reflections and describe what they see.
  • Move in front of reflective surfaces and watch what happens.
  • Look at each other’s reflections.


You will need:

  • a range of dressing up clothes, props and accessories
  • handheld mirrors
  • full-length mirror
  • distortion mirrors
  • digital camera


Questions to ask the children

  • What is a reflection?
  • Does your reflection move?
  • What happens when you move closer to the mirror?
  • What happens when you move further away from the mirror?
  • Are all surfaces reflective?
  • What else can you see in the mirror?