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Monday: Make a spaceship - Topic lesson 1

Today the children are going to identify, design and make a spaceship out of junk modelling materials.  Work through the powerpoint below, following the step-by-step process and then send pictures of all your work to you class teacher via Class Dojo by submitting it onto your child's portfolio.

Tuesday: Space Terrain - Topic lesson 2

Using your spaceships made yesterday, and other items around the house, can you put these into a room in a random pattern.  When you have set it up, direct a parent, guardian or sibling around the room by using positional language (forward, back, left, right) from one side to the other.  Can you do this without bumping into any of the items on the floor?


If you can't do this, there is an activity on Purple Mash (it has been sent for all children to complete by the end of the week) where you need to get the rocket from its starting point back to earth!


Don't forget to send pictures to your class teacher via Class Dojo on your child's portfolio. 

Wednesday: Welcome to Earth Box - Science

Today you are going to be explaining to an alien what materials are and how they are used.  Follow the powerpoint below and step-by-step instructions and then send in completed work to your class teacher via Class Dojo on your portfolio.

Thursday: RE lesson

Today we are going to be learning more about Sikh names and what they mean.

Start the lesson by looking at the website below and and the different Sikh names.

Sikh first names can be used for both boys and girls.  Can you think of any English names that both boys and girls have?  Some examples are: Andy, Jodryn or Charlie.


Do you remember from last week that Sikhs get their names from the Guru Granth Sahib?  Well along with this, most Sikh boys are also given the name Sing, which means lion and most Sikh girls are given the name Kaur, which means princess.  They are given these names to show they are all part of the Sikh community.


Now you are going to look up the meaning of your name.  Follow the link below and search for your name (you may need an adult's help).  When you have found your name and the meaning, can your write this down?  Take a picture of your name and meaning and send to your class teacher.  If you don't want to write, why not record a short video and say what your name means.  Add this to your portfolio on Class Dojo!

Friday: RSE lesson

This week we are looking at how we like to learn and have a positive learning attitude.  Work through the powerpoint and complete the activities when prompted.


It is important to remember that even if we find things difficult, that we work hard to achieve something and not give up!