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This week we will be starting our topic focus of Beat, Band, Boogie


Monday – enjoy watching a group called Stomp use everyday objects to make fabulous music with strong beats and rhythms.


Think about the pulse and rhythm in a piece of music. Watch the video link for pulse. This talks about the pulse and rhythm in music. How the pulse is like you heart beat and makes a constant beat throughout the music 1,2,3,4 boom,boom,boom,boom. Then listen to your favourite song and see if you can tap along to first the pulse and then listen again and try to beat the rhythm. Try this with a few different songs – some fast and some slow.

Tuesday – Start a kitchen band!

Collect some pots and pans, whisks, spatulas, spoons and utensils from your kitchen. Start by playing guess my instrument – to play this get a grown up (or sibling) to play an instrument (one of the pots and pans) whilst you close your eyes. Can you guess which instrument was played? Repeat this a few times. then swap places and see if your partner can guess your sounds.

Now explore making your own band. Play the instruments and see what sounds you can make. Can you make them fast or slow, loud or quiet? Which sounds do you prefer? Can you try to play a song that you know and maybe get a grown up to guess your song.

Wednesday – make a balloon drum. See the link for instructions. Using a cup, cut off the end of a balloon and stretch it over the top of your cup. Secure it with an elastic band or hair band. This will create a simple drum.

Can you tap out a rhythm. Can you keep a steady beat/pulse with your drum? Have fun exploring the different sounds your drum can make. Would the sound change if you used greaseproof paper instead of the balloon on top of your cup? How is the sound different? Does the size of the cup change the sound? Experiment with different ways of making your drum and then use them all to make a drum kit and have fun playing them all.

Balloon drum instructions

Thursday – March to the beat.

Watch the video of the Queens Guard marching Can you see that they are all in time? The Guards listen to the beat of the drums to stay in time. Can you march with them? Practise singing the song the ‘Grand old Duke of York’ and march around keeping in time. 

Friday – make up your own song thinking about the pulse and rhythm. Try to include a fast and slow section to it. Add a quiet section in the middle. Can you change the rhythm during the song but keep the beat the same?

Don’t forget to add any pictures to Dojo so we can see your exciting band. You can also email us a video of your band playing too.