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This week in topic we will be looking at the poem of The Sound Collector - linking to our new topic "Beat, Band, Boogie"

Monday – Listen to the poem and think about the sounds that have been taken away. Can you imagine those noises in your head? Look around your house and see how many of the sounds you can find from the poem. Make the sounds and listen to them carefully – you may need a grown up to help you with some of them!

The Sound collector poem -


Tuesday – Read the poem with your grown up (see a copy below)

Go through the poem slowly and pick out each sound. Can you group the sounds to the rooms in the house that they came from? For example, the “whistling of the kettle” is from the kitchen. On a piece of paper draw a basic house outline and write/draw each sound in the correct rooms.



Wednesday/Thursday – search your house. Are there any different noises that you could steal? What are they and which room have they come from. Can you draw another house and make your own noise chart as you did before. Can you find two or three noises for each room?


Friday – think carefully – what would the world be like if the Sound Collector came and took all the sounds of the world away? What would it be like? Which sound would you miss the most?

Challenge – Can you write your own poem but maybe change it to be The Taste Collector who comes and steals all of the different tastes? What would he take? Can you imagine a world where you eat food and cannot taste it? A world with no sweet creamy chocolate or hot spicy curry????