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Monday (Topic)

Read and complete the Force of Gravity worksheet and label the different forces on the pictures.


Tuesday (Topic)

Work your way through the PowerPoint about Isaac Newton and discuss what you have learnt. Create a fact file using one of the given templates about Isaac Newton.


Wednesday (Topic)

Watch the following video and pause at 1.06:

Set out 5 plastic cups and fill separately with ketchup, vinegar and salt, coke, lemon juice and soapy water. Place a coin in each cup and wait for 5 minutes. Take the coins out of the cups and see the results. Watch the rest of the video and write a summary of what happened to the coins. Which solution made the coins the most shiny?


Thursday (R.E)

Watch the following video and discuss what you have learnt:

Work your way through the Hajj PowerPoint and then complete the Hajj word search.


Friday (PSHE)

Read the poem "Samantha-Jane" by Gervaise Phinn. How do you think S-J is feeling? How would you feel if you were S-J? What could you do to help S-J? 

Work your way through the PowerPoint on friendship and make a list of what it means to be a good friend.