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Lesson 1: RE

L.I. To explore the Islamic festival of Ramadan

 Set yourselves the challenge of spending a day ‘going without’ something that is important to you such as: TV, internet access, toys or sweet food. The challenge should start at sunrise on the chosen day and end as the sun sets. Predict how you think this will make you feel and note it down. Once you have had a go at the challenge, note down how you found this challenge and how it made you feel. 



This half-term, we are going to be learning about the religion of Islam (with a focus on Ramadan). What do you already know about Ramadan? Note down some ideas or have a chat with someone at home about what you already know. 


Watch this video to find out a little more: 

Ramadan video 


The Islamic Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar. Each month in the Hijri calendar begins when the new moon is seen. Months are between 29 and 30 days long and the whole year is 354 or 355 days long. Ramadan starts on the first sighting of the new moon in the ninth month of the Islamic year.


Here are some videos with more information on the Hijri Calendar: 

Hijri Calendar Information

Learn the Hijri months


Try and create your own Hijri Calendar. 

Lesson 2: Science
L.I. To take measurements using a range of scientific equipment with increasing accuracy and precision. 

Gravity is a force, watch this video for a little more information:


Have a little look through the PowerPoint below to learn more about gravity.

Use this worksheet to have your own experiment.

If you do not have a force meter, don't worry, you can measure in g/kg then use this online converter to convert your measurements into Newtons.

Lesson 3: Art & Design

L.I. To create a detailed block for printing using a range of materials.

When you look into the sky and see the moon, you may have noticed that sometimes it looks a little different. These are the different phases of the moon. Have a look through this PowerPoint to find out more.

Can you create a piece of art representing each phase of the moon. You could  use:

-Chalk on dark paper

-Potato printing

-Pencil sketch


-An app

-Cream filled biscuits (eat one side to reveal the moon)

-Or any other ideas you may think of.

Lesson 4/5: Science (Thursday ZOOM Lesson)

 L.I.To describe what a moon is, how they maintain an orbit around a planet and which planets in our solar system have them.

What do you already know about the moon? Why do we only see one face of the Moon? What might the ‘dark side’ of the Moon look like? How does the Moon remain ‘captured’ in the Earth’s orbit? 

Have a look at these videos:

movement of the moon


Create a Moon information leaflet which includes diagrams, photographs, information and captions.