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Don't forget as well as these lessons, we would usually have Computing - this can be the time you allocate for Times Table Rockstars or completing Purple Mash activities. In addition, remember to look at the PE lesson videos.


Lesson 1 - Research Galileo Galilei

This lesson links perfectly to our English lesson.

Watch the video link: (and use the work from English) to make notes and then create a comic strip of Galileo's life.


Lesson 2- Constellations (TUESDAY ZOOM LESSON)

Look up what constellations are. Recap how to use co-ordinates. Remember the first number goes along, the second number goes up or down.
Use the four quadrant grid (the second page of the attachment) to plot the Cassiopea constellation.


Lesson 3 - Northern Lights

Look up what the Northern Lights are. Watch the video clip: and look at the PowerPoint.

Then it is your turn to create your own Northern Lights picture. We recommend using coloured chalks on black card but if you don't have these at home then pastels, crayons or even coloured pencils will create a fantastic picture.


Lesson 4 - (Science) Explore why plants are spherical (FRIDAY ZOOM LESSON)

What does spherical mean? What other objects can you think of that are spherical?

Work through the PowerPoint and complete the activities as requested. You will need the evidence cards and activity sheet.


Lesson 5 - (Science) Name and research the plants

Use the planet fact cards to research the planets.

Come up with a rhyme / mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. 

Use the sheet or you can choose not to use the template to create a poster with facts about the planets.