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History - The Extinction of Dinosaurs


Look at where the timeline shows the extinction of dinosaurs and explain the term extinct.  Go through powerpoint and share teacher notes to discuss the different theories about how dinosaurs became extinct. 


Children to draw a picture and write a sentence to explain what they think happened to the dinosaurs.


PE - Dinosaur Movements


Watch videos of animated or animatronic dinosaurs moving around and think about how they walk, run, catch prey and eat. Create dinosaur movements, changing rhythm, speed, level and direction. Link sequences of movements, such as stomping, stamping, creeping, stretching, clawing, biting and bashing. 

Geography - Locating Continents


Locate on a world map the continent of animals at risk of extinction. These include the white rhinoceros (Africa), giant panda (Asia), bald eagle (North America), scarlet macaw (South America), polar bear (the Arctic), koala (Australia), ibex (Europe) and blue whale (found in many oceans but prefers colder waters, such as the Southern Ocean).


Add continent names to a blank world map and stick pictures of each animal on the correct continent.



RE- Compare religious communities


Compare Diwali to Christmas. Discuss food, decorations, clothing, lights, worship, family time, traditions, stories. What’s the same? What’s different?

Children to draw a picture of a similarity between Diwali and Christmas and a difference.

RSE - Making New Friends


Discuss making friends. How can we make people feel welcome? What can we do with them/share with them? What attributes do we need to be able to make new friends. Children to draw one thing they could offer a new friend e.g. sharing toys, playing games, making their friend laugh etc.