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Recap what is a predator? Decide on a predator to research and create a fact file. Look at the predator picture mat for inspiration.



Draw a picture of your selected predator to collage or paint. Using your fact file, what does your predator eat? Create a collage or model of the prey as well.



Using your fact file and your predator./prey models, think about how your predator captures its prey in the wild? Where does it live? Is it nocturnal or diurnal? 

Create and rehearse a short presentation based on the research you have conducted.



Deliver your presentation to your adult. 


Discuss bullying and find out what your child already knows about bullying. 

Draw out from your child's suggestions the key features of bullying. 

Ensure your child has a good understanding of:

1 - it does not just happen once; it goes on over time and happens again and again - it is repeated.

2 - It is deliberate - hurting someone on purpose - it is not accidentally hurting someone.

3 - It is unfair - the person doing the bullying is stronger or more powerful (or there are more of them), and, even if they are enjoying it, the person they are bullying is not.


Explore the scenario cards and discuss the effects it will have. How will the victim feel? How long will the effects last?