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History- L.I. To understand the role of a knight.


This week, we are finding out about a knight’s role in battle including the importance of armoury, weaponry, tactics and chivalry. Make detailed drawings of a knight’s armour and headwear, creating own design for a knight’s helmet. Go through this PowerPoint to find out some information. Then, use the template to design your own knight's helmet.

RE- L.I. To describe and understand links between stories


Remind yourselves of the story of Moses using the link below.

Did God help the Israelites? Do you think there an alternative explanation for the plagues in the story?

Remember, Jews believe that they have a covenant with God: if they follow his commands, he will protect them.

What were the 10 plagues that God sent down on the Egyptians?

Draw and label all 10 plagues.