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Sockasaurus Rex


Look at the instructions for how to make a Sockasaurus Rex. Ask your child to first design their own Sockasaurus. What will it look like? What materials will they use? Once they have designed their Sockasaurus Rex ask your child to make it. Does it look like the design? Why? Why not? How could they improve it next time?

Parts of a dinosaur


Look at pictures (attached) of how a tyrannosaurus skeleton is similar to a crocodile skeleton. Name the different body parts. Then have a go labelling the dinosaur body parts using the sheet below.

RE- Diwali


Watch the video link below to learn bout how Hindu's celebrate Diwali. Discuss how they welcome Lakshmi into their house at Diwali and compare this to how you welcome people into your house. Then colour in some rangoli patterns.

RSE - Celebrating differences


Create a list of things to do and people we could talk to if we are unhappy or being bullied. Draw a picture of helping someone who is unhappy.