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Show the children charcoal and discuss - What is it? Explain what it is used for?

Let the children explore the texture of the charcoal and experiment with its uses - Can you shade from light to dark? Can you add fine detail? How much pressure can you use? 

Show the children charcoal drawings of different animals and discuss how the charcoal has been used to show the different shades?


Have a go at creating your own charcoal animal drawings. 





Watch documentary footage of different predatory birds catching and eating their prey.

Consider why predators must kill and feed upon other animals and creatures and predict what would happen to them if food became scarce. 

Look through the PowerPoint and discuss the words producer, consumer and apex predator. 


Can you create your own food chain?









Why do you think the rich man expected Guru Nanak to stay with him?

Why did Guru Nanak choose to stay and eat with the poorer man?

Would you have done the same?

What effect did the Guru's actions have on the people in the story?

Can people of different beliefs learn something from this story?

do you know of a similar story in another religion?


Can you story board what happened in the story?