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Dinosaur Junk Models


Look at a range of pictures of Dinosaurs. Focus on the appearance. Provide a variety of junk modelling materials such as boxes, cartons, plastic containers etc. What materials would be best for each part of the dinosaur? How could we stick it together?


Ask your child to make their own Junk Model Dinosaur. Please send pictures of your completed dinosaurs via class dojo.



Dinosaur Eggs


Make dinosaur eggs using malleable materials, such as mud, dough and clay. Explore ways of changing the shape of the materials by rolling, squeezing and pressing, and changing textures by adding sand, glitter and other textural materials. Arrange the eggs in the egg laying formations of different types of dinosaur.




Endangered Species


Show the children a picture of a Dodo and ask them what they think this animal is?  Do they think it is still alive or extinct?  How do they think it became extinct?  Watch the video asking the children to pay close attention to how the Dodo became extinct.   Show children pictures of other animals that are endangered and explain what ‘endangered species’ means. Watch videos below. Make a poster to save an endangered animal of their choice. Top endangered animals can be shown on WWF website.

RE - The story of Rama and Sita


Read the story of Rama and Sita. Explain that Hindus believe lights guided Rama and Sita home. Ask children to draw a picture of one part of the story. As they work, ask: Was Rama's step-mother right to send him into the forest? Should Lakshman have left Sita alone? Was it right or wrong for Rama and Lakshman to fight the demons?