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Topic – Week 5

Lesson 1- Evaluate existing products.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to go and buy some different chocolate bars then please do, if not then think about chocolate bars you have previously tasted for this exercise.

Evaluate which chocolate you like best. Do you like milk, white or dark chocolate? Flavoured chocolate perhaps- orange, strawberry or mint? How about chocolate with bits in e.g. caramel, crispy bits or other sweets? Complete some market research by asking friends / family what they like. Remember when you create a product, it needs to be appealing for other people- not just yourself. You might like to create a table or chart to show your information.

Look at some different chocolate wrappers / packaging. What do they all include? What do you like / dislike about them? What makes them look appealing?

 Any ideas why we might be learning about chocolate again? Hint- think back to learning about the Mayans.


Lesson 2- Design your chocolate bar.

Draw an image of your chocolate. Use your research from yesterday to create an ideal chocolate bar. It could be lots of little chocolates (like a box of chocolates), they can be different shapes or sizes. Remember to label the ingredients and key features.

If you are at home and have the opportunity then you could try to create this chocolate bar by using melted chocolate then adding the ingredients.


Lesson 3- Design your chocolate bar packaging.

Begin by creating your success criteria of things you like in a chocolate bar wrapper. Colours, fonts, slogans etc?

Use one of the provided templates (or draw out your own) to create your chocolate bar wrapping design. Think about what you need to include- name, brand name, picture/ logo, bar code, ingredient list- and create your design.

When you are finished, you can create the 3D model of your chocolate bar packaging using one of the templates on card or creating your own on card. Make sure it all fits together and looks appealing for a buyer.


Lesson 4- Evaluate your product.

If you were to create this again, how would you change or improve it? Ask friends or family for their opinions. Use 2 stars and a wish – 2 things they like and 1 thing they might change.


Lesson 5- Healthy eating (Science).

Now we have been learning about and thinking about chocolate all week. But is it healthy to eat chocolate all the time? Have a think during this lesson whether you think eating a little bit of chocolate each day could be ok.

Think about what your body needs to be healthy, in particular thinking about the different food groups.  

Work through the PowerPoint placing the food under the correct section of the plate, try the quiz to help test your knowledge about healthy eating and then create your own food plate with a balanced diet.


Some other ideas of things you could do this week: