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Topic Week 3

Lesson 1- To research a non-European society that provides contrasts with British history.

Look at the PowerPoint or internet resources to research the Mayan civilisation. Make notes how you would like; this could be bullet points or a mind map. When you finish, begin to think about how you might like to present this during the next lesson.

There are some planning sheets to use for this if you think it would be helpful. There is also a map outline that you might like to use to place on some of the main Mayan civilisations.


Lesson 2- To create an information page.

Look at your notes from yesterday and create an information page / poster / presentation about the Mayans. Be as creative as you like!


Lesson 3- To create a means of communication.

Look at the Mayan alphabet glyphs. Can you think why there might be some letters missing from our alphabet?

Have a go at writing out your name using the glyphs and then a message for someone else to decode.

Try to create your very own alphabet using glyphs. Then you can try the same again- write out a message and ask someone to decode it.


Lesson 4- To create a timeline.

Use the PowerPoint provided or internet resources to find out about the history of chocolate. Place these in chronological order on a time line.

Extension- research when your favourite chocolate bar was invented and add this to your time line.


Lesson 5 (Science)- To understand day and night.

Read through the PowerPoint which will explain why we have day and night.

Write an explanation using the key word mat and/or draw a diagram to show this.

Extra- Test your knowledge further about space by working through the ‘True / False PowerPoint.