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Week beginning 20.04.2020


Topic - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Watch the videos and learn about the four countries in the Uk.

Can you name them all?

Do you know their capital cities?

Have you visited any?

Describe one!




Map of the Uk - print and add in the countries and their capital cities!Have a look at their flags! Choose one and draw it! What is the representative flower for that country?

Reading comprehension - The UK (please, do not forget to check the number of stars on each page to select the difficulty)

Animal groups - read, learn and sort the animals according to the group they belong to!

Animals reading comprehension - have a look down the page as there are starts to indicate the difficulty (1 star = easy, 2 starts = intermediate, 3 stars = difficult)

Please, watch the video and learn about the basic needs of animals.

Then do the activity and the quiz! Can you get all the answers correct?



Animals PPP - Please read the presentation and print or draw on a piece of paper the Venn Diagram (two circles overlapped) to sort animals. Do the test at the end! Can you add in your own questions?