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Week 2-Topic

Lesson 1- To create a map.

Use the blank map to draw aspects of the human and physical geography, including the capital city, other major cities, surrounding sea, mountain ranges, airports and tourist resorts. You can use the internet, an atlas or the map provided.


Lesson 2 - To research a regions key human and physical geography.

Use the PowerPoint provided or internet resources to find out information about the Chihuahuan Desert. Answer the questions in the template.


Lesson 3 – To present information about a regions key human and physical geography.

Choose how to present your information from yesterday’s lesson – this could be creating a PowerPoint presentation of your own, poster or verbally presenting to an adult. Be as creative as you like!


Lesson 4- To sing in tune.

Use this video link to teach you a traditional Mexican song ‘La Cucaracha’ – you will find out what it means in Spanish and English.

Think about some of your learning about festivals last week and see if you can think why the Mexican people might be speaking Spanish.


Lesson 5- To understand (and make comparisons) of the human geography in another country. 
Use the website link or other internet resources to find out about a child’s life in Mexican and compare it to your own in England. It is up to you how you present this information, some ideas include: mind maps (one about a Mexican child’s life and one about you own); a similarities and differences table or you may like to write a letter or postcard as a Mexican child, demonstrating what you have learnt).

Some questions you may want to find the answers to include:
What is a typical day like for a Mexican child?

What are schools like?

What meals do families like to eat?