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 Our new topic for this half term is 'Hola Mexico.'


TOPIC- Week 1 Summer 1

In Literacy you are learning about Mexican festivals, in particular ‘The Day of the Dead’ festival so in Topic we are going to be creating our own Day of the Dead masks.


Lesson 1- Design your Day of the Dead mask.

Use the templates provided (or draw your own). You can use a variety of mediums but begin with sketching out your design onto the template using pencil and then colouring in with coloured pencils, felt tip pens or you could even try using paints. Remember the Day of the Dead Skulls are always bright and colourful. Feel free to look through the PowerPoints for some reminders about the festival to begin with. 

Resources- 2nd page of mindfulness colouring is the blank template & PowerPoints. 

Extra- use the other skulls to colour in or just for some ideas for your design.


Lesson 2- Create your mask.

You will need to decide how you would like to create your mark. In school we would have used papier-mâché (using newspaper and PVA glue mixed with water) onto a balloon to create the skull shape. I have added some pictures for you. If you decide to use this method, it will need to be done over a couple of days as you will need time for the PVA to dry and then the white paint. Please see attached instructions.

If these resources aren’t available for you at home, then you could use cardboard to create your mask for real.

Resources – Instructions, any materials you need to create your mask and previous examples to look through. 


Lesson 3 – Writing instructions on how to create your mask.

If you have created your skull using papier-mâché then you can follow the good version like we do in Literacy. If you haven’t then still follow the good version but ensure you change the instructions to fit what you did to create your mask / skull. Try to include an introduction, equipment list, step-by-step guide and testimonials at the end. Share them with your teacher on Class Dojo and others can have a go at using your instructions to create their masks.

Resources – Instructions (modelled example)