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Lesson 1:

L.I. To use varied materials to create a 3D design.

Create type of mini beast using varied materials. Children to plan, draw and label their design before creating it. What materials? What colours? What will they join it together with? etc


Now try making your mini beast. At school, we're using salt dough (which you can make with 50g flour, 25g salt and 25ml of water or until it forms a dough texture).


Lesson 2:

L.I. To have an accurate picture of who I am as a person in terms of my characteristics and personal qualities.

Think about what skills and qualities you have as a person and note them down. What do these mean?

People who have positive self-esteem are much more likely to achieve their goals. What can you do to help boost your self-esteem?

Create a poster all about how to boost your own self-esteem.