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On our Reading page, you'll find websites and activities which will help with your reading fluency and comprehension. Reading is a fundamental skill that we use every single day in a variety of different ways.

It is important that you use these activities to not only keep your mind active but also to ensure that you remember and revise all of your spectacular learning you have done at school.


Below are a list of activities that you could do with the book that you are currently reading. If you are not reading anything at the moment, you can have a look at the online links and activities to do some specific reading comprehension.


Once you have read a book, why not:
  • create your own book review for it and share it on your Class Dojo portfolio
  • create questions that you think teachers would have asked you about and see if you can answer them
  • design a new front cover for it
For a fiction book:
  • write a diary entry as if you were the main character
  • write an alternative ending for your story
  • summarise it and turn it into a comic
For a non-fiction book:
  • do some further research about the subject
  • create an informative poster about it


We hope that you enjoy them and if you are stuck, ask an adult or let us know through Class Dojo.
Once you have read and answered the 2-star text and questions, why not challenge yourself with the 3-star text.