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This week we are going to look at reading some pirate stories and answering comprehension questions. Do you have any pirate books at home? Which is your favourite?

Monday: Read Jake's first Day. Choose the level appropriate for your child. At the bottom of the sheet is a star - 1 star being the easiest, 3 the hardest. Work through the comprehension questions. 


Tuesday: Today you are looking at understanding the text. Read through Jake's first Day again. Look at the reading response booklet. Complete the word detective activity: Use your skim and scan skills to find 20 adjectives in the text. (If you want to do some of the other pages in the booklet go for it! 


Wednesday: Read the Pesky Pirates comprehension, choosing the appropriate level for your child. (Please feel free to dojo me if you are unsure) Work through the questions and ask your child to find the answer in the text. 


Thursday: Read through Pesky Pirates again. Either... complete a page from the reading response booklet or:

Retell the story in just 4 sentences! (Make sure it is in order) and draw a picture.


Friday: Free Reading:

Choose your own book and enjoy reading. As you are reading, write down any words you don't know the meaning of or that you find tricky to read. 

At the end find out the meaning of any new words. Practise reading those words that you couldn't read the first time:


Additional Activity: Create a book review for your chosen book!