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R.E - Islam

L.I. To investigate and offer reasoned views about moral and ethical issues and understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others

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In the story of Ibrahim and Ishm’il, Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son to follow Allah’s commands.


What does the word Sacrifice mean to you?


Talk about the different meanings of the word sacrifice then explore how, during Eid ul-Adha, Muslims give one third of the food they have to friends, keep one third for themselves to enjoy and donate one third to the poor. Giving is a very important part of Eid ul-Adha celebrations.


Carry out a variety of tasks where you split sweets, pizzas, money and time into thirds. Is a third a lot? How would it feel to give one third of what you have to friends and one third to those in need? Why do you think Muslims feel they should give away two thirds of what they have at Eid ul-Adha? Is giving to others a sacrifice? Discuss.