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LI: To reflect on beliefs


Do you think we need to rest?

Do we need a day of rest?


Jews believe that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. This is the reason why Jews celebrate Shabbat. Watch the Creation story, which is also the same as the Christian creation story.


Once you have watched the video, answer these questions:

Do we need to rest after working hard?

What happens if we don’t rest?

Why do you think God needed to rest in the story?


Do you think it took six days to make the world or have you got another idea?

Why do you think all the plants and creatures on Earth are different?

Is it important to look after the plants and creatures in our world?


Use these sheets to draw you favourite plants and creatures.

After you’ve finished your drawing, ask yourself:

Are you pleased with your work?

Is the world as beautiful as your work?

Does it feel good to have a rest after working hard?