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LI: To be able to understand why change can feel uncomfortable and scary


How does it feel when you get left out of a game?

How does it feel to not be included?

What about being accepted into a game?


It doesn’t feel nice to be rejected, we want to feel that we belong, it can make us feel happy to be included with a game or a group of friends.

Use this grid to fill out how you feel in these different situations.

Have you ever had a change happen to you when you didn’t want it at all?


Imagine how you would feel if you had to go through these changes:

  • Your parents decide that they want you to go to a different school and you will have to leave all your friends.
  • Your family must move home because your mum’s job has been moved to another city.
  • Your school introduces a school uniform that you hate.
  • There is a flood in your street, and you must move into a converted house with other families for a while.


Often, we can feel angry when there is a change. This is normally as we are scared. Change can make us uncomfortable; we can hear rumours about the change, we can be worried about not knowing what to do, or we could fear the unknown. We can fear change as it can alter our belonging. Our feelings of change can be similar feelings to being rejected.

Draw yourself in a group that you belong to – family, school, clubs, or sports teams – and write on your picture the words that describe how you feel in these groups.

Send these to your teacher on Dojo or show your family your artwork.