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LI: To know some ways of dealing with feelings of change


There is lots of change coming up as you prepare to move into Year 5. Some of you may be a little worried about this.


Remember: there are things you can do to deal with the uncomfortable feelings change can bring about. Although unlike chameleons we cannot change our outward appearance to blend in with changes in the environment, we do have many strategies for coping with changes.


These include, for example:

• thinking about what stays the same

• thinking of the positive things that the change might offer (e.g. if a friend moves away you will probably get more e-mail or letters, and maybe somewhere you can go on holiday to see them);

• telling yourself that all change is difficult but that you have survived change in the past and that you can do it;

• taking a day at a time, and focusing on and rewarding yourself for small successes and any progress;

• using the problem-solving strategy;

• talking with others who are going through the same thing and sharing feelings;

• using ways of relaxing and calming yourself.



Change has happened to your family too! Find out about what has changed in your family over the years. 


Find out where people in your family have lived over the past three or four generations, and make a ‘factfile’ including maps of the journeys, photographs, descriptions, similarities and differences, and reasons for any moves.