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LI: To understand our responses to change


We need to remember there is a link between how we feel, what we think and how we behave.

When we are worried about changes or are going through something new, we often behave in ways that are not always nice.

We can experience a lot of different feelings, and while all feelings are OK, not all behaviours are.

What can we do to deal with things that are uncomfortable feelings?

Can you come up with some strategies that can help you when you are feeling angry about a change?

What about if you are feeling upset about a change?

It can be difficult to let an adult know what we are feeling with our words, so sometimes, it might be better to draw them what we are feeling, or why we are feeling that way.

The more we notice our different emotions, the easier it will be to talk to an adult about how we feel.

If we know a change is coming, we can get prepare for it by thinking about emotions we might feel when the change happens. This will give us time to think about how we can change a sad emotion, to a happy one.

In your life, you have already gone through lots of changes. If you could send a time travelling letter to your past self in 2019, what would you tell yourself about the changes you have encountered, like COVID-19 and how it has changed your life, but how you are coping with it.