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When verbs are written in the past tense they often end in -ed.X

If the word already ends in an e then you just need to add a -d.

For example: free = freed, agree = agreed

However, this is not always the rule. Sometimes the word completely changes.

For example: run = ran

The first thing to say is that many of the verbs we use most often are not regular. Many of them have past tense forms that you just have to know.

For example:

Say ... said

Think ... thought

Buy ... bought

Draw ... drew

Bend ... bent

Catch ... caught



We drawed the picture.  no

We say: We drew the picture. yes


Read the paragraph below and change all the words in bold to the past tense. You can write them out in a list.

Top tip!

Think carefully about how to change the verbs to the past tense. Do you need to add -ed or change the word?


Charlie usually wakes up at 6am on school day. As she is a creature of habit, she always opens the window to see what the weather is like. Then, she races to the bathroom, brushes her teeth and makes her way downstairs to eat her breakfast. She eats her cereal quickly and then drinks her fresh juice. Once she is finished, she runs back upstairs to get dressed. Sometimes it takes her a long time to style her hair. When she is satisfied, she picks up her packed lunch and walks to school.