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Oxford Owl Free E-book Library


Please, register for free and access these lovely eBooks! Choose the colour that you usually read. Registration is free and all eBooks are tablet-friendly.Enjoy!


Then try one of these activities:

*Draw your favourite character and describe him/her;

*Write about what you liked/disliked in the book;

*Create a bank of new/interesting words;

*What might happen next?

*What would happen if...


Reading Comprehension

These are two texts for reading comprehension on three levels of difficulty. You will see at the end of each page the number of stars according to its difficulty    (one star is the easiest, two stars is medium difficulty and three stars is the most difficult). 

Please, choose one that you feel comfortable with and then you can have a go at a harder one!

Phonics - complete a sheet a day. Look at what the target sound is: extension: be a sound detective and find the days sound in your reading books. How many words can you find? Can you create a poster for the sound?

Phonics - for those who are still working on blending and recognising sounds. Please complete two sheets a day. Please also practise the flashcards every day.

Phase 3 Phonics Flashcards - mixed order

Simple videos for practising Phase 3 phonics sounds.