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Mrs Morton/Miss Hill

This week we are continuing set 2 sounds oo, oo, and ar  when introducing the sound we use a rhyme.

oo is "Poo at the zoo".

oo is "Look at a book".

ar is " Start the car"

It is important to still practice set 1 sounds before learning a new sound especialy ch, th, sh, qu, ng, nk and look for special friends within words when reading any text.

Phonics set 2 - oo sound

'oo' poo at the zoo is our sound today! 💩 Please comment below if you have joined in with today's lesson - it is so brilliant to see who is working hard on ...

Phonics set 2 - oo (look at a book) sound

Today's sound is 'oo - look at a book.' 📚 Make sure you are ready with something to write on and something to write with so you can practise your new sound....

Phonics set 2 - ar sound

Today we look at 'ar, start the car.' So lovely to hear from so many people joining in with learning at home! Please comment below and post photos or videos ...