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Miss Mortimer

This week we are starting to review our Set 3 sounds.  There will be a short video for each day with an activity that involves each sounds.  Afterwards, there will be a reading activity to complete.  The reading will stay the same for the whole week and a separate activity each day with it.

Monday: 'ea' sound

Phonics set 3 - ea sound

Today we start with set 3 sound 'ea - cup of tea'. Please comment below so I can see who has been working hard with their phonics! 🌈

Reading activity - Today read the information only.

Tuesday: 'oi' sound

Phonics set 3 - oi sound

Today's sound is 'oi' spoil the boy! I hope you are all enjoying learning set 3 sounds and that you are using them in your writing at home. Please leave a co...

For the phoneme spotter, please highlight all the words with the 'oi' sound in.

Reading Activity - Read the activity and write down your favourite fact about the our planet, solar system and moon (1 for each).

Wednesday: 'a-e' sound

Phonics set 3 - a-e sound

Our first split diagraph today, 'a-e' make a cake! This can be a difficult sound to use and understand so keep practising using it at home when you can. Hav...

Thursday: 'i-e' sound

Phonics set 3 - i-e sound

Today we have another split digraph, 'i-e, nice smile.' I hope you all have big smiles on your faces when you join in today!! 😀🌈

Reading Activity - Read the pages again. Make your own poster about either the planet, solar system or moon, using the information you have learnt about them from your reading.

Friday - 'o-e' sound

Phonics set 3 - o-e sound

Today's sound is 'o-e - phone home'. This is the last split digraph to look at before we go back to more digraphs and trigraphs to finish the set 3 sounds. T...

Reading Activity - Read the pages again. Write your own questions and ask them to an adult at home to see if they can answer them.