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Miss Lazenby

We have now learnt all our sounds, so this week I want us to focus on some of the sounds we found a bit trickier. This week we will be looking at the split diagraphs.

Monday - 'a-e' make a cake

Miss Donnelly's Phonics RWI Set 3 - a-e

Tuesday - 'e-e' go Pete and Steve

Phonics e_e - Go Pete and Steve!

A short phonics session on e_e.

Wednesday - 'i-e' nice smile

Phonics - i_e nice smile

A short phonics session on i_e ( I actually forget to put the nice smile card back in the pack on this one!)

Thursday - 'o-e' phone home

RWI - o-e sound (set 3)

Friday - 'u-e' huge brute

Miss Wright's RWI Phonics Set 3 - u-e