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I hope you enjoyed your Home Learning last week, exploring Volume & Capacity. We loved seeing so many wonderful photos of you measuring at home and we look forward to seeing some more amazing Home Learning at the start of this week.


Volume & Capacity is all about being practical so when we return to school on Tuesday we will be exploring Volume & Capacity practically, using measuring jugs/ beakers and cylinders. This means if you haven't completed some of the Home Learning set last week for Maths then please have a look at what was set :)

As we prepare to return to school on Tuesday we would encourage you to spend Monday at home thinking about everything you know so far about Volume & Capacity. 


Task - Create a mindmap to show everything you know so far.

Tuesday - Practically measuring Volume & Capacity

Thank you to pupils who sent some wonderful photos in last week. Why not have a go at measuring Volume & Capacity at home when you're:

  • Watering plants
  • Cooking in the kitchen
  • Preparing lunch for the day
  • Filling the bath

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - ensure challenge work from last week is completed if working from home