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This week we are learning all about position and direction.  Work through the lessons below and send the work to your class teacher.


Today, look the videos to give yourself some knowledge about which side is left and right and what turns are.

The Left vs. Right Song! | Scratch Garden

The Left vs. Right Song is a great way to learn the difference between the left side and the right side. Get your SALAMANDER merch here: 👕 https://tinyurl.c...

LEFT AND RIGHT SONG for Children Right and Left Song for Kids Learn Left and Right by 123ABCtv

Hey! Let's sing the "Left and Right Song" and learn which hand is our left and which hand is our right! This catchy and fun song will make it easy to learn r...

Left and Right Song

left #right #teachingI wrote this to help teach my K-5 students the difference between their left and right sides! (and maybe some of my older ones too!)Pur...

What key information and vocabulary have you learnt today?  Write it down to refer to later in the week.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Work through the powerpoint below and use the videos from Tuesday if you need to.


Today we are counting in 10s, forward and back.  Work through the powerpoints, games and songs before completing the activity.

Count by 10's Count by 10 Count to 100 Counting Songs Jack Hartmann

Skip Count Forward and Back by 10's by Jack Hartmann is an educational song that focuses on skip counting by 10's to 100 and then skip counting down from 100...